A “Normal” Market…Hooray

All signs point to a return of what Fountain Valley Real Estate Agents refer to as a “normal” market. What does that mean? Basically, homes are taking a little longer to sell, and the craze of investor fueled multiple offers is no longer. This is actually good, because when prices spike up quickly, they tend to crash, and that is never good.
Sellers are learning that expectations of crazy price rises have slowed, and Buyers now have more inventory to choose from. This means, Sellers now have to make sure their property looks great, and is priced competitively, so the eyeballs are on THEM, and not the competition. That applies to Green Valley homes, as well as other  homes in Fountain Valley, Huntington Beach, and all of Orange County.
In a nutshell, that is what a normal market is. It is important to use an experienced agent that knows how to sell homes in this kind of market, and all markets.

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