Short Sale vs. Foreclosure

Are You Facing:
Job Loss?
Foreclosure ?
Past Due Mortgage?
Upside Down Home Equity?

If you are feeling stuck in one or more of these hardships, you may be able to qualify for a Short Sale.

A Short Sale Defined: A short sale is a Real Estate transaction in which the proceeds from the sale does not cover the balance owned on a loan or loans on the property.

The main Goal of a Short Sale is to prevent Foreclosure

Facing Foreclosure is difficult…and our goal is to let you know we understand.

Many of our clients have faced the same difficulties, Stress, and worry that you are facing now. Interest rates on their loans suddenly increased, some fell behind in their payments due to an unforeseen hardship. Some even received a foreclosure notification from the bank. In every case, time was a critical factor.

The secret to avoiding a foreclosure is to get started now.

There is nothing worse than doing nothing. Don’t let the time run out. We can start today, to make your particular situation better. We are pleased to assist and educate you with options, that could help prevent possible foreclosure on your home.